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The Australian

My latest work in Zimbabwe made the cover of the Weekend Australian magazine.  The project followed the subject’s family story from Harare and surrounds to Bulaweyo, giving me the opportunity to drive over a 1000 km across this beautiful country.  It was a fascinating time to be in Zimbabwe pre-presidential elections and I was fortunate […]

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Santa Lucia Preserve

In April, I was approached by Hart Howerton, a high-end architecture firm, to work on something outside of my normal scope.. or at least I thought. He asked that I photograph a preserve in the Carmel Valley area of California that he and his partners have been developing for almost 20 years.   “We have […]

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Google AdWords shoot – Bangalore

Two weeks into our shoot, we got a day off thanks to the Indian visa authorities and arrived in Bangalore energized and ready for our last company, Chumbak, whose playful take souvenirs has grown into a symbol of hip, youth culture in India.  Chumbak was founded in 2009 by Shubra Chadda with the help of […]

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Google AdWords shoot – Red Hook

After a week in the desert of Jordan, the team headed back to New York for phase two of our Google AdWords shoot. A quick change of clothes and not much sleep and we were in Red Hook, Brooklyn, working with Roberto Gil on highlighting his custom children’s furniture company, Casa Kids.   The shoot took […]

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Holi Faces!

Holi.  India’s famed festival of color.  A raucous celebration of the coming of spring where revelers across northern India don old clothing and douse each other in colored powders and water.  Needless to say, anyone attending subjects themselves to the same fate.  Enjoy the faces and color!    

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Google AdWords shoot – Wadi Rum

Phase one of a three week shoot for Google AdWords. I was hired by Enso Collaborative out of LA to shoot stills on three back-to-back commercial shoots featuring businesses on three continents which have used Google AdWords to grow their businesses. Bedouin LifeStyle Camp ( in Wadi Rum, Jordan was our first project. The Wadi Rum […]

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The War in Congo Never Ends…

Its just after 6pm here and we’re on our way back from the refugee camp. So close to the equator, the Great Lakes Region year round has approx 12hrs of light and its already almost dark. The camp was sobering – as refugee camps tend to be. Over 10,000 refugees from the latest fighting and […]

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Girls’ education in Afghanistan

It takes more than pencils and textbooks to be a schoolgirl in Afghanistan these days.  It also takes tremendous bravery and tenacity. While Afghan girls are theoretically free to attend school, they are stymied at almost every turn by militant attacks, a lack of adequate facilities and teachers, and even their own parents’ reluctance to […]

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Drought in Turkana

The far northern part of Kenya, bordering with South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda, is known as Turkana and is home to a tribe of Nilotic people of the same name.  The land is harsh, arid and rocky expanses of flat plains with rough mountainous patches.  Drought is common, a natural phenomena occurring every ten years […]

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The Amazon….

The Amazon… she is an immense, lush, sultry, sweaty, dangerous rainforest, and a powerful, vast, convoluted river which both gives and takes of life.  Her forests cover over 1.6 million square miles and span the borders of eight South American countries.  Her over 40,000 species of plants and trees produce more than 20% of the […]

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