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Drought in Turkana

The far northern part of Kenya, bordering with South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda, is known as Turkana and is home to a tribe of Nilotic people of the same name.  The land is harsh, arid and rocky expanses of flat plains with rough mountainous patches.  Drought is common, a natural phenomena occurring every ten years […]

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The Amazon….

The Amazon… she is an immense, lush, sultry, sweaty, dangerous rainforest, and a powerful, vast, convoluted river which both gives and takes of life.  Her forests cover over 1.6 million square miles and span the borders of eight South American countries.  Her over 40,000 species of plants and trees produce more than 20% of the […]

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“Mother Soldier” wins third place in Gordon Parks photo awards


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Shortly after graduating from UCLA, I moved to Senegal, West Africa, to spend 27 months serving in the country as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  It was my first time in Africa and in a Muslim country, and at first, I was terrified.  Our group of 68 volunteers became a community, in that bygone era of […]

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      A land of snow, rock and ice, dramatic landscapes, unpredictable weather, and turbulent seas.   I had always dreamed of visiting Antarctica, and yet, not until I saw her did I know that I would be back at any and every opportunity.

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Moscow by night

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Words from the DRC

Goma, DRC Voix de la Paix took the project one step further, screening Pray the Devil Back to Hell to women leaders and holding a two-day workshop in Kinshasa, Goma and Bukavu.  Abigail Disney, Leymah Gbowee and Alissa Everett traveled to the DRC to show PRAY to diverse  women leaders such as nationally elected government […]

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Voices of Peace – the Workshops

May is here and it is time.  I will be holding workshops with Abigail Disney and Leymah Gbowee, from Pray the Devil Back to Hell.  From seeing the film a year ago, proposing to Abby that we bring the film to eastern DRC, meeting with women leaders and holding preliminary screenings to see if the […]

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Despite my exhaustion after traveling some 48 hours, I head straight to the HEAL office where my meetings begin.  Freddy, the guardian at the front gate greets me in his wife-beater from behind his mirrored sunglasses.  At first glimpse of his shaved head and building muscles, one wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark […]

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The DRC Border Again

11am and I am crossing the border from Rwanda into eastern DRC again.  Faces are familiar and I joke about the constantly changing border policy with the woman who checks my passport.  This time my $35 buys me a 7 day visa for Goma alone, stamped into my passport. The border activity seems to pick […]

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