2012 InterAction Humanitarian Photography Award - 1st Place

2012 Photography Open Salon Arles - Honorable Mention

2010 Gordon Parks Photography Awards - 3rd Place

2009 Gordon Parks Photography Awards - Honorable Mention

2008 International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention Portraiture

2006 International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention Portraiture

2006 Outdoor Photographer 2006 - 2nd Place

DogPatch Studios, SF, CA October 2012

DogPatch Studios, SF, CA October 2012


Oct 12 - Being There: the Congo, DogPatch Studios, SF, CA

July 12 - Together for Girls, Ntl Museum of Women, Washington DC

Oct 09 - Survivors - Women in the DRC, The Setai, New York, NY

Sept 09 - Survivors - Women in the DRC, Project One Gallery, SF, CA

Dec 07 -  REFUGEE: Images of Hope From Darfur, Frisson, SF, CA

June 07-  Iraq - Beyond the War, Frisson, SF, CA

Sept 06 - REFUGEE: Images of Hope from Darfur, Left Space Studios, SF, CA

Oct 06 - REFUGEE: Images of Hope from Darfur, Farmani Gallery, LA, CA

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Other News

August 2011 Alissa featured in "O" Magazine, iPad app and

June 2011 Alissa featured on

October 2009 Care Through Action raises $25,000 for survivors of sexual violence in the Congo

October 2008 Alissa is featured on network television, the CW “In Harm’s Way – the War Photographers”

December 2007 Care Through Action’s first fundraiser raises over $25,000 for Darfur

June 2007 Care Through Action founded

March 2005 Alissa featured on CNN’s “Inside Africa” and BBC’s “Africa Today” reporting on a coup attempt from Equatorial Guinea

October 2003 Alissa’s work was featured on NBC Dateline News in a segment on the death of Uday and Qusay Hussein