Photographic Workshops

Alissa teaches with Panasonic’s Digital Photo Academy when in New York and offers private photographic workshops both domestically and internationally.  Please see Digital Photo Academy for current schedule.

Photographic Journeys

The adventurous world traveler knows there is no better way to bring the world home and share life-changing experiences than through beautiful images.  Increasingly, travelers have been choosing private journeys with close friends and family over group tours and are often looking to acquire photography as a skill on their journey, heightening the experience and the tale upon returning home.

These journeys are for those who prefer the flexibility of designing their own itineraries and of changing them when inspiration strikes. They offer a certain style of travel, unhurried, and off the beaten track with accommodations varying from luxurious to simple.  On one of Alissa’s private workshops, you will have personal, one-on-one attention from a world-class photographer. Alissa will dedicate her time to helping you create stunning images, to share with your friends and display in your home, that capture your adventure and tell a lifetime of stories.

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Social Documentary Photographic Workshops

Alissa is also offering documentary photographic workshops on location worldwide.  This program is designed to teach visual story-telling as well as to give students a chance to fully experience a career is one of the world’s most demanding, both physically and mentally. We have designed Alissa’s workshops to give young photographers an opportunity to experience the true nature of international photojournalism and documentary photography. Each student will have full access to Alissa, giving the opportunity to take advantage of her work experience, teachings, methodologies and industry contacts.

Workshops are one week to 10 days long, in a location of interest to the student and rich in culture with a wealth of photographic and documentary subject matter. During the program, each student will be expected to produce at least one photo essay within the same deadline and parameters of a working assignment for a publication or photo agency. Alissa will also produce a photo essay during the trip, which will give the students the ability to not only produce their own work and learn on their own, but to be able to observe the way Alissa’s work and ask questions along the way. Because the life of a photojournalist is usually a solitary one, each student will be expected to spend two hours a day shooting on their own, with a review session of that work every evening. When not shooting, Alissa will work closely with students on editing their work.  She will also share hotels, eat meals, and travel with students as if they were a team of journalists working in the field together. This is a rare opportunity to actually work side by side on a daily basis with a full time, professional photojournalist.
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