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Holi Faces!

Holi.  India’s famed festival of color.  A raucous celebration of the coming of spring where revelers across northern India don old clothing and douse each other in colored powders and water.  Needless to say, anyone attending subjects themselves to the same fate.  Enjoy the faces and color!



AE_India_Holi_0113 2.jpgAE_India_Holi_0146 4.jpgAE_India_Holi_0175 10.jpgAE_India_Holi_0893 11.jpgAE_India_Holi_1309 5.jpgAE_India_Holi_1556 7.jpgAE_India_Holi_1650 3.jpgAE_India_Holi_1656 6.jpgAE_India_Holi_1679 9.jpgAE_India_Holi_1689 8.jpg

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